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Box Your Gear

Affordable organization built into your vehicle.
Designed to your specifications and with multiple options for your needs and applications. Whether it’s storage in your vehicle’s trunk, rear passenger compartment, or cabinets & work stations in a van, we can design and build a unique storage unit fit for you!

Box Your Gear


Our organizers can be built for anyone, whether you're
a landscaper, contractor, small business owner,
first responder, or just looking to increase storage
in your vehicle.

  • Fabricated metal organizers

  • Floor Dividers

  • Mid-Range Organizers with shelving

  • Deluxe Organizers with options for:

    • Pull-out drawers​

    • Locked Compartments/Vaults

    • Swinging Doors

    • Computer and/or Radio Mount

    • Equipment mounting

    • More!

Each box is different, and we can work with you to design your organizer from the ground up to suite your exact storage needs, starting from design, to build, and install.

Floor Divider
Build What You Need

Contact Us

Need a box? We can build it! We'll discuss with you what you need, the design of the organizer, features, and pricing for the job. Once we know what you're looking
for out of an organizer, we'll bring your vehicle into our shop and design, build, and install the box so you can get back to work!

Thanks! Message sent.


Our Just Box.It Shop is located within the install shop of 911 Rapid Response, on 700 West Main Street, Annville, PA, 17003.

You can visit the 911 Rapid Response Public Safety Store, and ask our staff to talk to someone about a
Just Box.It project. 

Contact Us
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